Allergic Dermatitis Treatment

There are so many skin diseases and among them, allergic dermatitis is one of them. It is a particular type of contact dermatitis in which your skin reacts to particular types of substances called allergens. It is not epidemic so other people should not worry about if they sit close to the patient, the will also get affected with Allergic Dermatitis. Blisters, itching and sometimes draining liquid from blisters are the common symptoms of Allergic Dermatitis.
Substances (Allergens) Causing Allergic Dermatitis:

a. Cement – Even in normal situations, cement causes a lot of rashes on the skin. In allergic dermatitis, it badly affects the skin.

b. Gloves – Like rubber gloves

c. Wet diapers – Long time exposure

d. Hair colors – Most of the hair dyes come with dangerous chemicals like hydrogen peroxide which is very bad for the skin. Use top quality hair colors like Wella, Keystone, etc. But it is always suggested not to use till the time you are suffering from allergic dermatitis.

e. Hard shampoos – Some cheaper shampoos destroy your skin badly and create small red spots and cause allergic dermatitis.

f. Bad quality eyelashes

g. Antibiotics cause rashes when rubbed on the skin

h. Perfume’s fragrance

i. Nickel

j. Certain types of fabrics

k. Bra hooks, buttons and other stuff used in bra

l. Nail polish – Try to buy the best quality nail polish because cheaper or flanking products damage your skin a lot and if you are suffering from Allergic Dermatitis skin disease, flanking product will make your case worse.

Due to so many itches, people scratch the affected body's skin and this makes the problem more irritating. Instead of scratching the affected skin, it is advised to follow Allergic Dermatitis Treatment given below:

Allergic Dermatitis Treatment:

1. You must avoid touching the substances that are thought to be the major reasons for allergic dermatitis. Closely monitor which allergen is giving a tough time to your skin. If you left it untreated, it will become a chronic one and then will happen again and again.

2. There are various creams available that help a lot in controlling allergic dermatitis. If you use this cream thrice daily, you will be able to get rid of this skin disease safely.

3. Try to avoid wearing nickel jewelry because even 24 karats of Gold has some amount of nickels. Instead use jewelry of diamond, stainless steel, and platinum.

4. You can use oral medicines like Zyrtec, Clarinex, etc.

5. Wash the affected skin with plenty of waters and then avoid exposure to allergens

6. Moisturizers aid a lot in healing the pain and help in repairing the skin.

7. Corticosteroids are also very helpful in reducing pain. Apply gently and do not try to rub the skin.

8. These allergies usually last for 3 to 4 days, so it is better to wait and let them vanish themselves.

9. However, it is not getting corrected you should consult skin specialist or dermatologist because it could lead to severe bacterial infections.

Allergic Dermatitis is not a dangerous skin; you can easily get rid of it by following the guide mentioned above.