Bloggers In Mumbai

Information Technology is very wide and is continuously expanding at a fast pace. One of the closely related fields with IT is Blogging. Like any other field, in order to get success in the blogging industry, you have to put your hard work to earn maximum results. Gone are the days when a few percentages of bloggers made a good income by playing with Google Algorithm. Now, the search engine is very clever, one single mistake to cheat the search engines will render your site invisible even in search engines.
In Mumbai, several amp blogger template available at but not all responsive blogger template are equal and very few percentages of bloggers are gaining success. The main factor behind their success is the consistent hard work, careful selection of topic and analyzing visitor's topic of interest. Apart from this proper social media and SEO strategy for maximum exposure of the blog post. Even you have premium content but do not have any promotion and marketing strategy, forget to get a massive amount of traffic. The logic behind this is that even top brands in the world are increasing their sales via effective marketing and advertising strategy. Your competitors are also working hard to gain market share and you have to follow the same in order to be visible in the eyes of customers. Otherwise, you will end up with nothing in hand.

India is a country of diverse culture and has a lot of talent across the country. One of the big economical hubs of India is Mumbai and there are many ecommerce website designer in mumbai  which is rich in culture, business, and showbiz and in the blogging field. So many top bloggers in Mumbai are working very hard to bring the overall look, beauty, and elegance to entire India. In this regard, we will cover some very talented Bloggers in Mumbai in this article.

Santoshi Shetty - She is an experienced blogger running a blog THE STYLEDGE. Due to her untidy efforts and contribution to the blogging industry, she was awarded Cosmopolitan Blogger of the year 2016 and Spotlight Fashion Blogger of the year 2017. She writes about fashion trends in the industry.

Shivani Patil - She is regarded as the influencer in the blogging industry. From travel to fashion, she covers all the issues on her blog. She has an inspirational personality that depicts her writing style and contents. She is definitely an icon in the list of the blogger in Mumbai.

Juhi Godambe - She is the best blogger to gain inspiration stuff in the field of cosmetics and fitness from Mumbai city. She writes product reviews and her travel and marathon related contents to satisfy the needs of the customer. This is quite beneficial to people who are planning his or her travel plans.

Ayushi Bangur - She runs a fashion blog and has evolved over the years to become one of the best Mumbai bloggers. She does not cover styling ideas only but outfit inspirations as well. Being an economics graduate, she also regularly posts on her Instagram where you can stay updated with the latest stuff from her.

Shereen Sikka Bharwani - These Mumbai based bloggers have a keen interest in a traditional outfit. She works with India's leading designers to serve the fashion industry as well. The in-depth knowledgeable content attracts a massive amount of traffic to her blog that is why she is regarded as top bloggers in Mumbai.

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